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Indoor Exercises for Outdoor Runners During The Winter


Running during the winter time can be harsh for people who suffer during cold weather. Asthma is a major problem that some runners face. The cold can exacerbate asthma and make you feel incredibly weak. This is oftentimes a deterrent that causes many people to not run whenever it is cold outside. Fortunately, there are alternative winter workout activities that you can do indoors if the cold affects you.

Use a Flight of Stairs

You’re in luck if your home has a flight of stairs to run up and down. This is a fantastic cardio activity that will help get the blood flowing and help you develop your quad and glute muscles. See how many reps you can do going up and down the stairs without taking a break.

Light Weights

This is an excellent activity to do if you are stuck indoors. Utilizing light weights mixed with cardio is a great way to get a decent exercise in. Runners still need to get strength training whenever they can and this method is a fantastic way to help them accomplish this whenever it is cold outside.

Cardio Exercises Indoors

Many people like to perform cardio exercises outdoors whenever it is nice. Some of these exercises are planks, jumping jacks, and other body-moving activities. Fortunately, you can perform some if not all of these activities indoors. Make sure that you perform them on a non-slip surface such as carpet and you are in for one endearing workout.

Get a Workout From Doing Household Chores

Did you know that you can get an incredible workout from shoveling the snow out of your driveway? You can kill two birds with one stone and perform this chore to help clear the driveway of snow. You will get some great exercise as well as allow yourself to back out of your driveway in your car.

Practice Yoga

There is nothing quite like a relaxing experience of yoga indoors. Yoga has the ability to help you stay calm, improve flexibility, and boost your overall health. Doing it indoors whenever it is cold outside is a perfect way to wait out the harsh winter conditions. What’s even better is that yoga can help improve your ability to run by stretching your legs and reducing any joint pain you feel.


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