How To Maximize Your Weekend Training Time For Triathlons

A number of triathletes have jobs and busy lives to juggle. This makes training difficult at times. One solution is to maximize weekends by creating specific training blocks for running and biking. Here are suggestions for weekend blocks that will help athletes who are focused on improving their performance in 70.3 races. For these blocks, 8 to 9 hours will be used for training.

Saturday Block

On Saturday, the first block includes a moderate pace bike ride, and the second block includes an endurance run. Total time for both workouts should be around three to 3 1/2 hours. The bike ride should be done for an hour to an hour and a half with an exertion rating of about five to seven on a scale of 1 to 10. The endurance run should be about one hour 45 minutes to two hours long. It should include 3×10 steady-state intervals, which are to be spread out during the run. The intervals should be completed at a 70.3 run pace. For the second half of the run, the pace should be increased.

Sunday Block

Sunday includes a five-hour bike ride, which focuses on endurance. After the first 30 minutes, a 4×15 min tempo should be completed at a pace that’s equivalent to one that is run for a 70.3 race. This should be separated by biking at a moderate pace for 15 minutes, which doesn’t include just easy spinning. By placing these intervals in the early part of the bike ride, it helps a triathlete use more power, which should equal an effort that’s better than doing the intervals later in the ride. This should be followed by a 20 to 30-minute recovery ride.

Swimming On Weekdays

It Is usually best to do rides and runs during the weekend. If a person has time to do a race simulation of an open water swim, it can be worked into the schedule. However, benefits will be best by focusing on running and biking, especially for individuals who are involved in 70.3 events.

Planning For Recovery

A person may not want to work out on the Friday before these blocks. It is probably ideal to do a swim on Thursday and rest on Friday. After completing the blocks on Saturday and Sunday, it’s important to take one or two days to recover, especially if any workout was done on Friday. Light training can be done on Tuesday after rest has been completed on Monday. The training for Wednesday and Thursday should be done with full intensity.

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