The Most Important Things For Triathletes

If an individual participates in triathlons, it’s highly likely that they will have a training schedule that helps them endure the struggle of swimming, biking and running long distances. However, this isn’t the only factor that will make sure that a triathlete succeeds over the long term. Triathletes also need to make sure that they get plenty of sleep, fuel, and hydration. It’s also important to strengthen and stretch their muscles to avoid suffering from injuries.

Getting Enough Sleep

The number one recovery tool for triathletes is sleep. After participating in an event that makes the body work so hard, it’s important to take a break. Sleep provides growth hormones that help restore muscles. The brain of a triathlete and their immune system will also be refreshed and repaired by going into a deep sleep. Typically, seven hours of deep sleep is enough to help relieve stress levels and let the muscles repair.

Fueling And Nutrition Provides Glycogen

Proper fueling begins when a triathlete wakes up and ends when they go to sleep. It’s important to eat a small portion of protein and carbohydrate to help the body store glycogen before a morning workout. Fueling is also important when a triathlete is doing a workout. It helps the body get used to ingesting nutrients, which will occur on race day. This helps keep the balance between intake and use of carbohydrates.

Hydration Is Crucial For Cells

Hydration is a key factor that helps the cells of a triathlete function properly. It also helps minimize energy fluctuations. Their first step to hydrating properly each day is to ingest a full glass of water upon awakening. This will help replenish fluids in the system after drinking nothing for the last seven to nine hours. It’s ideal to drink enough fluids to create urine output every two hours. In addition, carrying a water bottle and having water during each meal will also help with hydration.

Bodywork Helps Stretch And Strengthen Muscles

A triathlete should strengthen and stretch their four core muscles, which include their glutes, hips, abdominals and low back. This should be done for about 15 minutes each day. Stretching and foam rolling should be done a few days a week and strengthening each specific core area should be practiced during the other days. By doing exercises such as plank, clamshells, bridge, back extensions, and single leg lifts, it will help increase strength in these key muscles.

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