The History of Women’s Hockey

It’s an incredibly exciting time for female hockey players. The National Women’s Hockey League starts this Sunday. Many fans are excited to cheer on their favorite players as they pursue their lifelong dreams of becoming professional hockey players. However, this is not the first instance that women hockey players have played the sport. Let’s take a look back some of the previous incarnations of women’s hockey and how it has evolved over the years to bring us this professional sport that we cherish.

The Reality of The Situation

Women have been playing hockey ever since the sport was first invented. However, the only difference is that women were not able to play the sport professionally. The National Hockey League is a boys only club that didn’t allow women to join their teams. Many women were simply discouraged from playing at all as well and were never taken seriously back in the day. Women had to oftentimes play in inconvenient clothing that hindered their performance in their games. Can you imagine wearing a skirt out on the rink? It was unfortunate due to the fact that there were many talented female hockey players who were simply looking for a way to play professionally.

The Old Days

Hockey was first invented in Canada during the 19th century. The very first indoor hockey game was created in Montreal in 1875. The sport began to grow in popularity and many people began forming their own leagues. There is even evidence that many women would participate with men during this exciting time in sports history. Over time, many women’s teams would actually begin to form. However, the sport had not grown in popularity yet so many people didn’t take it seriously. Unfortunately, the creation of many professional hockey leagues would see the absence of women participating. While women could still play hockey in college leagues, they could not play in the big leagues.

Making Change Today

Progressive action has allowed many women to participate in things that they have never done before. We now have a professional female hockey league that promotes strong female players. It is a joy to see them compete to be the best and act as positive role models to young girls. The sky is the limit with this new league, and we are all excited to watch our favorite players compete against each other in the rink.

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