Tips For Beginner Runners

Running is a great way to exercise and get the blood pumping. For an individual who has never ventured into the sport, they may have questions about the best way to get started. Here are five tips that a beginning runner can use:

Pick Out Proper Running Shoes

One of the most important aspects of running is to pick out a pair of shoes that are designed for the sport. When choosing a pair, a person should choose shoes that are durable, light and comfortable. Before using them on a regular basis, a person should break them in. This can be done by slowly walking in them for a day before they take a run. Even then, it’s best to start slowly by running short distances to avoid getting a nasty blister.

Create A Training Log

A training log has many valuable uses. It can show a person how well they run in certain conditions, how they feel after a run and their progress. Some items that a runner might want to record include the following:

– Their time for a run

– The distance covered

– Morning heart rate

– Weather conditions

– Time of day and how it influenced how they felt

– Terrain

Get Some Rest Between Runs

It’s never a good idea for a beginner or seasoned veteran to run too much without taking a break. Bodies need time to repair muscles that are used over and over again. One of the best ways to do this is by sleeping a good seven to eight hours each night. This helps give a body adequate time to recover.

Join A Running Group

It may be difficult to get enthused about running when a person has to do it alone. By joining a running group, they’ll find like-minded people who they can jog with. This can help a person learn new ways to train and try something different such as new workouts or types of races.

Build Up Miles Slowly

A person will have more energy for a run if they slow down to a slower pace. By adding a couple of minutes each mile, it helps build endurance. When miles are added too quickly, it can cause injury and burnout. It’s best to increase runs by a mile or a mile and a half at a time to stay safe and energized.

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